Adept driving school is located in the Guildford area vic. Adept driving school is locally owned and operated by Eric Ward. Eric is an accredited driver trainer with a certificate4 in driver and assessor training with over 20 years experience as a driving instructor teaching in both automatic and manual vehicles fitted with dual controls. Adept driving school is a leading driving school in and around the Guildford, daylesford, castlemaine areas making sure that all the clients are safe, and furthermore roadworthy before obtaining a drivers license. Refresher courses for fully the licensed are also available.Your safety and the well being of other road users are always paramount to us at Adept.

Our ServicesOur Driving School Provide Some Unique Services For Our Leaners

Driving Training in Guildford

Adept driving is a driver education centre located in Guildford VIC. Adept driving is locally owned and operated by Eric Ward. Eric is a qualified driving instructor registered in Vic and NSW and is a member of the Australian Driver Trainers Association.Eric has over 8 years’ experience as a driving

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Learner Information

A car learner permit allows you to drive a car on the road with an experienced driver while you are learning to drive. The learner permit is valid for 10 years or until you obtain a driver licence.You must be at least 16 years of age and a Guildford resident to be eligible to apply for a learner permit.

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Account Customers

Adept driving encourages students to pay with cash, cheque or EFT at the end of each lesson however this is not always possible, particularly for Government Departments, various Agencies, Employment Bureaus and different Associations etc.For these customers (subject to approval)

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Driving Lessons & Costs

Adept driving specializes in young learner drivers.Eric understands that a new learner driver can be nervous or apprehensive so he does his best to make the lessons fun and stress free.Eric has a proven track record of helping students achieve their P’s

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Drive Test

Adept driving is registered to prepare and take students for their drive test in Guildford VIC. It is a good idea to discuss the drive test with the driving Instructor before you book your test to make sure that you are booking your test

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Overseas Licence Changeovers

The requirement to change your overseas driver licence to a Guildford VIC driver licence depends on whether your stay in Victoria is temporary or permanent. If you are in Guildford VIC on a temporary visa, you can drive on your overseas driver

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